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Creative n compact

I would love my Sundays to be consumed with creativity and coffee. Oh to be so selfish as to indulge in a world of my own without disruption. Hah!

In a bid to relieve my pain, and unleash my inner artist, a couple of weeks ago Robbie treated me with a trip to the Apple store. Excitedly I walked out the owner of a pint-size set of camera lenses. The alloclip 4-in-1 lens has a fisheye, a wide-angle and two macros.

I have been itching for a spare 2.6 seconds in my life, and this week I found it between feeding the chooks and starting the morning porridge. And to top it off, there was a frost!

So the photos you see here, were taken on my trusty iphone with it's new add-on. And I am in love with the results.

A tick for getting up close. A tick for being compact. A tick for being the right price @ $89.95. And an even bigger tick for making me feel connected to a world outside lunchboxes and laundry.

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