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Folding washing, preparing roast beef, packed lunches and what, a website too?

My story is no different to the many other working mothers out there. I too am hard pressed to find the 30 hours in every day I seem to need to wash laundry, pack lunches, work (the paid work I drive my mindless body to most days), deliver the daily dinner banquet, fold washing, unpack the dishwasher (if I managed to pack it at all, let alone turn iit on to wash!) and heaven forbid I foolishly entertain putting deepest desire to put my feet up, gulp down a goblet of vino because as sure as the sun will rise, my wrinkles start to relax and what do you know......... my darling husband decides that our business needs a new website. When? Immediately, of course.

So what would superwoman do? She would seek out the speediest solution - enter WIX. Praise all the world's higher beings for the development of this free software toolset that builds websites - endless templates, hosting services, help desk service, online store capacity, learning centres all with the simplicity of drag 'n drop!

So this time-poor Superwoman survives another day to season the roast, set-up a website and serve up a good helping of happiness all-round!


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